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IT and Business Learnerships Available at Dynamic DNA: Apply Today

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IT and Business Learnerships Available at Dynamic DNA: Apply Today

IT and Business Learnerships Available at Dynamic DNA: Apply Today 


Dynamic DNA is your gateway to an exciting career in the IT and business sectors in South Africa. Their learnership programs provide a thorough education designed to help you excel in the dynamic fields of information, communication, and technology. 


Important Points: 

Closing Date:  None. Applications are open year-round.  

Stipend Amount: Varies 

Duration:  12 months 

Location:  Gauteng  


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What We Offer: 

  • IT and Business Learnerships Specialize in your area of interest while gaining hands-on experience. 
  • Technical and Soft Skills:  Learn not just the technical know-how, but also essential soft skills such as communication, work etiquette, time management, and presentation skills. 
  • Workplace Placement: We facilitate job placement for each of our graduates, helping you integrate seamlessly into the workforce. 
  • Innovative Solutions: Learn how to build innovative solutions across multiple technologies, including cloud applications. 

Why Choose Dynamic DNA? 

  • Agile Learning: Our programs prepare you to design and build flexible applications in complex business environments. 
  • Versatile Approach:  We offer a tailored learning experience to help you succeed in both IT and business fields. 
  • Become a Valuable Asset: Gain the skills to become an integral part of the ever-growing workforce. 

Join Dynamic DNA to embark on a journey towards an exciting and rewarding career in IT and business.  Our learnerships empower you with the skills you need to thrive and grow in today's fast-paced world! 


Interested? Apply for the Dynamic DNA Learnership here: Dynamic DNA Learnership Application 2024  


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