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9 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa 2024

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9 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa 2024

 9 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in 2024   

We live in a digital age where making money online is as easy as 123 and requires zero to little capital.  All you need is a good and strong internet connection, a laptop, or a high-quality mobile device and you can start earning online. Either as a writer, influencer, or small business owner. The choice is yours!  


Still trying to figure out where to start?  

Here are some ideas of how you can make money online from home for free.  


Become a Freelancer   


Freelancer working from home
Freelance writer at his desk. Courtesy of  Pexels .  

Don't be disheartened by the ‘free’ in freelancer.   


A freelancer is an independent contractor who's paid per project or task. Freelancers aren’t a permanent addition to any company. Rather, major businesses outsource freelancers from sites like Upwork to work with them.  

Freelancers are hired to assist with various tasks like article writing or video editing.  


If you have sharp skills in writing, graphic designing, or video creation. You can become a freelance writer, graphic designer, and video creator online. Market your skills to establishments in need of freelancers in those sectors or other fields.  


Simply create a portfolio, or write samples to showcase what you’re capable of. Once that’s done, you can start pitching to potential clients on social media. Or you can sign up on  Upwork  and apply for available positions there.    


Sell Digital Products Online   

If you’re a creative, then selling products online is for you. Design digital products like eBooks, templates, and planners.  

You can also design wedding invitations and wall art. And then sell any of those products on an e-commerce online platform as printables. Printables are digital items that can be printed and used instantly.   

Esty and  Shopify are great platforms you can utilize to host your online store.  

Don’t want any third-party involvement? No stress.   

You can display your products on social media platforms. For example outlets like Instagram, and X; formerly known as Twitter. In addition to the mentioned media portals, Pinterest is another amazing site you can make use of.   

Browse the internet and see what customers are looking for. Tailor your printable products to suit their needs.   

Platforms like  Canva , are free to use for designing digital products you wish to sell as PDFs to consumers online.   

Monetize a Blog     


Blogger typing on laptop
Blogger typing on her laptop from her bedroom. Courtesy of  Pexels .  

Blogging is another way to earn an income online without investing too much money into the idea. If you’re a wordsmith and love expressing yourself through words. Then you can start a blog and monetize it.   

You can capitalize on your blog by writing sponsored posts. Another way to earn via blogging is through affiliate linking, and selling products on your website.   

Sites like  WordPress , and Medium are available for blog hosting. Simply set up your account on either one, research your niche, and start posting!  

Although blogging may take time to pay off. Initially, earnings might trickle in slowly. But, it’ll be worth it in the end when big companies approach you. Requesting you to work with them by showcasing their merchandise.  

Revamp People’s CV’s   

Millions of jobs are posted daily on job boards and companies' sites. As such many people apply to those posts. And to place an application you need a CV or resume.   


Sometimes applicants are pressed for time and can’t tweak their resumes as there are other documents they need to arrange for. That's where you'll come in. As a resume writer, you'll go through the candidate's curriculum vitae to ensure matches the job description and is up-to-date with relevant experience.  


In turn, this increases their chances of getting passed the applicant tracking system (ATS) and scoring an interview.  


You can advertise your services on Linkedin, Upwork, or your website. Before that, it’s recommended you do some market research and see what others are charging for revamping CVs.  

Tutor Students Online   

  If you’re a subject matter in maths, accounting, physical sciences, or other subjects. Then teaching online is one way you can make money from home in 2024. Learning from home gained momentum since the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Online learning is still a preferred method of learning by most students.   

All you have to do is register with sites like  TeachMe 2 or promote yourself on social media avenues.  

Some sites might require proof of the qualification. However, don’t let it discourage you if you don’t have one. Simply up your skills and start tutoring.  

Work as a Transcriber   

A transcriber is someone who writes out what they hear in written or video format.   


To become one you need great listening and typing skills. You must be good at editing and spotting errors. Along with that you should at least know your way around different tech.   


It's another great way to earn money online and is easy to learn. Sites like  Rev and  TranscribeMe are always hiring transcriptionists on their websites.   

Sell Photos Online    

Got a high-quality camera and an eye for detail? Then selling photos online is another means of receiving an income from the internet.   

You don’t necessarily need to have a camera to do this. Some smartphones take excellent photos similar to those shot via a camera. If you have such a phone, you can use it to capture pictures and sell them online.  

Many businesses are always on the lookout for images to use as mock-ups for their products. Simply take a few pictures, create a portfolio, and approach potential clients.   

Another thing you can do is sign up on websites like Pexels and earn each time your photo is downloaded for usage.   

Make Money as a Chat Moderator   

Chat moderators oversee conversations online to make sure that no explicit language is used. Nor is there any bullying, harassment, or discrimination going on in a certain community.  Moderators ensure that the participants interact in a safe environment and follow the Chats guidelines.  


One of the pros of being a chat moderator is rarely requires degrees or experience. If you have strong written communication skills, are fluent in English, and can multitask and work under pressure. You're good to go.  


You can find chat moderator jobs online via websites like  Cloudworkers and E-Moderators .  

Start a YouTube channel   


Youtuber recording
Youtuber recording a session for her viewers. Courtesy of  Pexels .  

Gaining earnings via YouTube is another method to try. Especially if you love being in front of the camera.   

All you have to do is establish a YouTube channel. Start posting authentic and well-thought-out video content regularly. And grow your audience and brand.  

Once you reach  1000 subscribers or meet other eligibility thresholds . You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and start accumulating money.   

South Africa is among the eligible countries, so that’ll increase your chances of being accepted.   

You can also sell your merchandise by linking your website to your YouTube channel. Products like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies can sell well via the video platform  

There are many other ways you can try that require minimum effort. The options are limitless.   


You can view more of them here: .  


Some of these methods can be used simultaneously to double your earnings! That's how easy it is to make money online nowadays.  


Just find your strongest skill, and offer it to customers online. From there onwards you can start accumulating money in local, and foreign currencies, without leaving your home.  







Amina Mussa

Amina Mussa

South African-based freelance content writer and SEO writer covering various topics and niches.