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Learnerships 2024: List of Learnerships Available – Youth Applications SA

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Learnerships 2024: List of Learnerships Available – Youth Applications SA

Learnerships 2024: List of Learnerships Available – Youth Applications SA

Here’s a list of available learnerships in 2024 for matriculants and people with grade 10 throughout the year. Submit your learnership application to these seta accredited companies in South Africa and stand a chance to earn a monthly stipend including a qualification.

If you have Grade 12, grade 10 or without Matric these learnership providers regularly open their doors to new learners in most provinces. Namely Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and more other locations across the country.

Stipend ranges around R2000/R4000 depending on which learnership provider you are currently enrolled in. There are learnerships that pay less, for example: SDP pays R400 monthly stipend which is a bit reasonable because it is completely online.

Meaning no need to attend at campus, all courses are online. Which is a huge benefit for those who may be living in disadvantaged areas.

Let us look at the learnerships in 2024 you can apply for any time of the year.

01. Transcend Learnerships 2024 

Transcend is one of the best accredited learnership providers so far online, it has a range of learnership programmes that you can choose from. Covering learnerships in industries like Retail, Marketing, Business, IT and many other programmes you can choose from.

Learn more: Transcend Learnerships 2024


02. ILearn Learnerships 2024

ILearn offers a variety of learnerships that provide a unique combination of classroom learning and practical on-the-job training. These learnerships are designed to give you the skills and experience necessary to enter the workforce with confidence and competence.

Learn more: ILearn Learnerships 2024 


03. Training Force Learnerships 2024

Training Force has Learnerships for 2024 that open doors to skill-building and professional growth. Whether you've just finished Matric or are in Grade 12, their courses cover a range of fields like Construction, Business Services, Wholesale & Retail, Agriculture, Information Technology, Manufacturing & Engineering, Transport & Logistics and Hospitality.

Learn more: Training Learnerships 2024 


04. SA Business School learnerships 2024

SA Business School offers amazing learnership programmes that are designed to unlock incredible opportunities for personal growth. This company is based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and another campus in Houghton. Learnerships courses offered are Business Admin, Sales, IT (Information Technology) and many more.

Learn more: SA Business School Learnerships 2024


05. SDP Learnerships 2024

What makes SDP special is their focus on experiential learning, where you learn by doing real tasks. This approach is better than just sitting in a classroom. SDP delivers programs in different ways like face-to-face workshops, one-on-one coaching, and also through e-learning, text, phone, and video calls for flexibility.

Learn more: SDP Learnerships 2024


06. Skill Up Learnerships 2024

As online learning is evolving, the more chances for people to get connected with the best education as they possibly can. You might have heard of SkillUp by now, if not then you should know it offers online learnerships. Meaning, wherever you are from South Africa

Learn more: Skill Up Learnerships 2024 


07. SDC Learnerships 2024

Well, the heart and soul of SDC lies in its learnership program. It's like this fantastic combination of learning and hands-on experience that helps you gain the skills you need to excel in your chosen field. So, no matter which industry or profession you're interested in, SDC has got you covered. It's all about opening doors and creating pathways to success.

Learn more: SDC Learnership 2024


08. Drake Academy Learnerships 2024

Drake Academy if your learnership application is successful . You’ll get additional subsidy first month before you get your first stipend. This subsidy is to help you with transportation costs since the first month can be very difficult for many new learners.

Learn more: Drake Academy Learnerships 2024

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