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Mr Price Jumpstart Application 2023 | Best Ways to Get Started Today!

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Mr Price Jumpstart Application 2023 | Best Ways to Get Started Today!

Mr Price Jumpstart Application 2023 

Are you a young individual between the ages of 18 and 33 with a Grade 12 qualification? Do you dream of working at renowned retail giants like Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Sheet Street, Power Fashion, Spar, or Miladys? If the answer is yes, then the Jumpstart Retail Frontline Programme might just be your ticket to success in the retail industry!

The Mr Price Jumpstart programme has been here for so long, it started back in 2005 gradually it grew to what we know it today. We are not talking about the store here. We are talking about this great initiative (Jumpstart Retail Frontline Programme.

So lucky you! You have landed to right place at the right time to get an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are 18 – 33 relax and let us simply guide you through the process of Mr Price Jumpstart Application in 2023.

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Benefits of Joining Mr Price Jumpstart Programme

Every opportunity comes with benefits, that always has to be the case. Well on this one it is quite obvious what the benefits may be. Let us hype you up a little bit with an overview.

  • It can Boost Your CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Many Retail stores that can hire you
  • You get Retail Experience
  • You learn Additional Skills 
  • You can apply  entry-level retail positions in stores
  • Well known initiative for youth (so feel free)
  • You become workplace ready

Now let us look at the good stuff down here...

What are the  Requirements for Joining Mr Price Jumpstart Programme?   

  • You need to be 18-33
  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Certified Matric Certificate and ID


How to get Started with Mr Price Jumpstart Retail Frontline Programme?

First things first you will need to be between the age of 18-33, and also be sure to have a reliable gadget (Laptop, Smart Phone), Why? Well simply because during the jumpstart application process you will be required to complete assessments.

These assessments/tests are based on:

  • Basic Numeracy
  • Barcoding 
  • Comprehension test.
  • Other 

To embark on this exciting journey, begin by visiting the Jumpstart website . Create your profile by entering your personal details, and make sure to have your certified matric certificate and ID ready for submission.  

What happens after this?, well after you have set up everything mentioned above here. You will be sent a message with info that has all the necessary details about where you should come (location) for life skills train which typically takes 3 days.

That’s where when you are finished with this process you will then go for a in store 6 days training. This training is for assessing whether you are fit enough for the programme. Not physically but basically just to check if you meet the standard of working in a retail store.

Is that it? well no, you still have to start with the assessments remember. That’s where everything begins apart from submitting your documents. Try your luck and apply.

Apply here: Mr Price Jumpstart Application  

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What You Should Expect During the Mr Price Jumpstart Progamme?

You should not be worried about the assessment, training or even the application process. Remember, there are many people like you who are trying to be part of the programme.

What you should know is that, during training you be supervised by a Manager/Assistant manager of a certain store. To check your performance. In terms of how you are handling tasks, orders (if applicable) and all other necessary things that will be involved during training.

If you are successful, then luckily that’s how you score your self a job in any of the stores that are part of the jumpstart programme.

Note that you will also be called on formal interview if the management is happy with your performance. The process may change based on certain circumstances for every individual.

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Since other successful jumpstarters claim to have applied via WhatsApp, where they simply sent their personal details and were giving online assessments to complete.

You are advised to follow the original process of applying through the official jumpstart website. To avoid any confusion during your Mr Price Jumpstart Application in 2023.






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