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Top 3 Retail Learnerships in South Africa for 2023

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Top 3 Retail Learnerships in South Africa for 2023

Retail Learnerships in South Africa for 2023

Apply for these retail learnerships in 2023 and stand a chance to get hired in big retail store in South Africa. If you are 18 above and have Matric, these learnerships will surely take you one step further to your career.

Get connected with the most well know brands, retail stores and companies that are looking for staff. Even though you will first have to go through training. Regardless, these learnerships have the plug you need.

Now let us simply look at these retail learnerships in 2023. 

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Retail Learnerships: Companies offering Training

These are companies that are offering learnerships in retail and whole sale sector in South Africa.

01. RelatED 

Related is a company that focuses on training young to older people, by giving them mentorship, skills and retail connections including experience.

So basically you will be enrolled in a training programme that prepares you for retail employers. These employers are normally retail stores that we as South Africans already know about. 

These stores are:

  • ShopRite
  • CTM
  • Usave
  • Checkers
  • Sleepmasters
  • Buildit and many more retail stores

They also offer other learnership opportunities in human resources, IT, project management, and more. Plus, they've got Retail Sector gigs all over the country. making things super convenient for you. IIf you're up for a bit of travel, mingling with new faces, and experiencing different workplaces, this could be your spot.

RelatED's got a track record too - they've trained up over 8700 learners, boosted 3742 big shot managers, partnered with 35 retail groups, and touched base with 250 communities across South Africa. So, they're definitely doing something right!

Applications are now open and you should grab this opportunity now. Use the link below to apply.

Apply: RelatED  Learnership Application 2023 

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02. Mr Price Jumpstart Retail Programme 

Mr Price Foundation (Jumpstart) is a programme that helps equip youth with high end skills that can be used in the retail sector. The Jumpstart programme has enrolled over 5000 learners on the past few years and also 89% of them have been successfully been connected to job opportunities at retail stores.

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You score your self a higher chance of working in top retail stores like Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Sheet Street, Power Fashion, Spar, or Miladys through the jumpstart programme.

Requirements: Mr Price Jumpstart Programme

  • You need to be 18-33
  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Certified Matric Certificate and ID

To get started with the Mr Price Retail programme you may also need to write assignments, go for an interview also training to be assessed if you qualify for certain positions within retails. You can apply for Jumpstart programme using the link below.

Apply here: Mr Price Jumpstart Application 

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03. Retail Solutions 

Retails Solutions is a Retail Staffing Agency that connects unemployed people to retail job opportunities. This company operates all over South African provinces and mainly focuses on Staffing, HR and Recruitment including other services.

So since we understand this is not a learnership, we thought it might be helpful for you to give it a try and apply online. By submitting your CV and get called whenever there are new opportunities available in Retails.

Apply: Retail Solutions Application

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In conclusion, getting a retail learnership or a job should be based on your decision about what works best for you. If you think you would like to take the path through agencies, training providers or applying directly to retail stores its up to you to decide.

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