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Skill Up Learnership Application 2024 | Getting Started today!

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Skill Up Learnership Application 2024 | Getting Started today!

Skill Up Learnership application 2024 | Getting Started today!

Skill Up invites unemployed youth for online learnerships in 2024. Learners will earn R400 monthly and earn a NQF Seta accredited qualification. If you are interested  here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Like many other training providers, Skillup competes with learnership providers like Quest College, Speccon Elearning LMS, SDP and many more.

As online learning is evolving, the more chances for people to get connected with the best education as they possibly can. You might have heard of SkillUp by now, if not then you should know it offers online learnerships.

Meaning, wherever you are from South Africa, you can get the chance to learn and earn. At the end, get a NQF level qualification that can help you find employment.

You will earn a monthly stipend of R400 to cover basic necessities such as data/WIFI to make it simple to complete your assignments and task.

Enough talking let’s get to the real business here…

Skill Up Learnership Programmes 2024

SkillUp Training offers a diverse range of training programs designed to enhance essential skills and empower individuals to excel in their respective fields. Here are some key aspects of SkillUp Learnerships:

  1. Accredited Programs: SkillUp provides accredited learnerships in various areas:
    • NQF 1 Business Practice: A foundational program that equips learners with essential business skills.
    • NQF 3 Business Administration: Focused on administrative competencies.
    • NQF 3 End User Computing: Enhancing digital literacy and computer skills.

Including many more other SkillUp learnership programmes that are not mentioned here. Skill Up also does offer National Qualification courses, these courses are basically good for boosting your CV and finding employment.

Skill Up Learnership 2024 Requirements:

  • Updated CV
  • Certified Copies of Highest School Qualification
  • Certified Color Copies of ID
  • Recent Bank Statement

How to Apply for SkillUp learnership: Application 2024

To apply for online learnerships at SkillUp go to or you can use the link below.

Apply: Skill Up learnership Application

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