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5 Available Learnerships In South Africa 2023 | Apply Anytime

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5 Available Learnerships In South Africa 2023 | Apply Anytime

5 Available Learnerships In South Africa 2023 | Apply Anytime

Are you looking for available learnerships in 2023 for matriculants? We have latest learnerships you can apply for anytime of the year. These programmes offer theorical practice and also eLearning courses for learners.

Relying on learnerships that expire is very stressful especially if you do not know if your application has been approved or not due to many reasons. These reasons may be a large number of applicants, and also the duration.

So, we have managed to at least meet you halfway with these available learnerships you can apply for anytime. 

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Also, you should know that even though these learnerships are always available, there may be periods where enrolment is closed. Yet, still take applications.

Some learnerships usually work in quarter periods, some yearly and others for 6 months.

For example, in the first 3 months of the year JAN – Mar there may be new learners during that period of enrolment. Then from MAR-JUN there may be other new learners who applied earlier. So basically, applications are always open but enrolment is set for new applicants in a different period.

Without wasting anymore of your time, let us have a look at available learnerships for 2023.

Available Learnerships 2023:  Accredited Training Providers


01. RelatED

RelatED is a vibrant learnership provider, unlike other ones. It has available learnerships in human resources, skills development, IT, project management, administration, marketing and many more. Also considering the fact that they also offer learnerships in Retail Sector in all 9 provinces.

So that makes everything simple for you to wherever you are in the country. More like that jumpstart frontline retail programme. 

If you are ready to travel, work in different environments and meet new people. This learnership provider might actually be the one for you.

RelatED claims to have trained over 8700 learners, equipped 3742 senior managers, involved over 35 retail groups and reached over 250 communities throughout South Africa.

Applications are now open and you should grab this opportunity now. Use the link below to apply.

Apply: RelatED Available Learnership Application 2023

02. ICAN 

ICAN focuses mainly on people with disabilities, their learnership programmes are designed to accommodate and improve people with skills which are hard to find. ICAN has been around for many years and since has been one of the greatest learnership provider. Offering disability training solutions and bringing hope to those who have no means of acquiring jobs and gaining skills.

Since you are looking for available learnerships in 2023. ICAN is the one you should be considering if you are living with disability. This training provider is based in 4 locations which are.

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Port Elizabeth

To apply for ICAN learnerships you simply have to go to their website and fill the online application form. Use the link below to get started with your application.

Apply: ICAN Available Learnerships Application 2023

02. Learn-Me 

LearnMe is another seta accredited learnership provider that always has available learnerships. This year in 2023, it might be your chance to get started with your application and apply.

What is LearnMe? This is a training provider that has many accredited programmes in different SETA’s. accredited by

  • Agri Seta
  • Construction Seta
  • Services Seta
  • W&R Seta

This training provider has available learnerships for employed and unemployed. Based in 1004 Monument Ave, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157. So if you are looking for a learnership anytime of the year, consider applying through their website or now.

Apply: Learn Me Available Learnerships Application

04. Edge Training 

Edge Training is skills development training provider, based in different locations in South Africa which are Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This training provider also hosts soft skills training workshops. If you are looking for available learnerships including short courses this training provider has all you want.

Offering learnership courses in Business, Contact Centre, Hospitality and Hygiene including many more available learnerships not mentioned here. 

To apply for Edge training learnerships you have to Fill in your details during the online application and submit the following documents: 

∙ Curriculum Vitae

∙ Identity Document

∙ Highest Qualification

∙ Letter of Disability (If applicable)

Apply: Edge Training Available Learnerships Application 2023

05. Speccon

Have you heard of LMS Learnerships by Speccon?, or should we say E-learning since that is what most people call it. Well, Speccon should be number one on this list because it provides online learnerships which are always available for unemployed youth in south Africa.

Regardless of the online learnerships, speccon does also offer learnerships in premises hosted in certain locations around the country.

It offers learnership courses in these following industries:

  • Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • IT
  • Project Management
  • Administration 

And many more…

To apply you simply need to follow the steps and fill the online application form on their elearning portal. Were you will be required to finish assessments for your application to be considered. Get started on Speccon learnerships now.

Apply: Speccon Available Learnerships Application 2023

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Now that you know which learnerships are available for you in 2023. Be sure to always follow up on your applications by regularly checking your emails and have your phone to your self all the time to never miss out on any interview or potential employment from these learnerships.









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