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6 Best SETA Learnerships 2023 | Accredited Training Providers Online Application

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6 Best SETA Learnerships 2023  | Accredited Training Providers Online Application

6 Best SETA Learnerships 2023  | Accredited Training Providers Online Application


Are you looking for SETA Learnerships in 2023 with Matric?, we listed 6 trusted accredited training learnership providers in South Africa. Even without Matric you qualify for these learnerships using only an online application.

People who have Matric (Grade 12), or without matric, disabled or abled are welcome by all SETA’s in SA to apply for available learnerships offered by employers or training providers.  

We will guide you on services seta online application , how to apply for seta learnerships and more.

There is a little bit of misunderstanding when it comes to SETA’S, especially when it comes to the learnerships part. People often think learnerships are provided by SETA’s, which is not true.

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Learnerships are provided by Accredited Training Providers, these training providers are acreddited by different SETA’S. 

For example, it the training provider or employer operates within the Banking/Finance Sector then that training provider would be approved by Bank SETA .

Example number two, if a training provider operates within the Construction industry then that training provider would be acreddited by CETA and so on.

There are 21 SETAS available for each industry, Please bare in mind that it is posiible for a Training Provider to be accredited by more than 1 SETA. On where by it depends what the training provider is about.

We listed some of the best Accredited training providers for learnerships in South Africa. These training providers are unique with each of them offer different types of learnerships.

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SETA Learnerships 2023: 6 Accredited Training Providers   

These are some of the most profound learnership providers in SA accreddited by SETA. Have a look and choose the one that suite you.

01.    Ulearn Academy  

Ulearn is a SETA accredited training provider, it offers learnerships in fields like Business Management, Contact Centre operations, Cleaning and Hygiene and more other acreddited courses.  


02. Edge Training   

Edge Training is also one of the many training providers who offer acreddited learnership courses in Administration, Management, Cleaning, Retail, Call Center and Hospitality and so on. Available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


03. Learn Me  

Learn Me offers learnerships in different SETA’s, Agriculture, Services, Whole Sale and Retail. Meaning you have many choises as learner to choose from. If you find your self searching for a learnership provider with many courses to choose from, Learn Me should diffiently be your first option.


04. SDC   

SDC mostly popular around Johannesburg, Cape Town areas, SDC is a learnership accredited training provider offering learnerships within Business, IT, Finance and Safety industries. Have a quick look about what we have to say about SD Learnerships.

05. Sign Academy Learn  

Signa Academy is a Level 1 B-BBEE learning and training provider. That has a wide range of learnership opportunities for youth. In areas like agriculture, Wholesale & Retail, Automotive, ICT, Call Centre, Project Management, Business Services and New Venture Creation.


06. Academy Training Group  

Academy Training Group offers learnerships and Short skills development courses. Each course has a qualification or let us simply say a certificate you get upon completion. It offers learnerships in areas like Education, Business, IT, Finance etc..

There are more great SETA Acreddited learnership providers out there. The list is endless and filled with opportunities. Now that we gave you a sneak peak on few training providers out there. 

Let us wrap it up with understanding How to Apply for SETA Learners in 2023.

How To Apply For Seta Learnerships 2023   

First of all you need to undestand what is SETA, what does it do and what is involved in it. If you remember well, we explained a but ealier on this article what about SETA’s. Now we will guide you in to understand on how to apply for SETA learnerships of your choice.  

Whether you are a matriculant (Grade 12) or maybe you do not have Matric all. Learnership Opportunities are there for you to grab.  

Now before we dive in deeply we will start with making few examples.   

Example 1: Let us say you are interested in applying for a learnership in construction and you have no idea where to even begin. Then you would need to search for CETA ( Construction Education & Training Authority)  approved training providers .  


Or you can simply go to the Construction SETA were you will be able to register your Details on the database and get updated on the latest learnership opportunities on this Sector.  



Still don’t understand? Do not worry we will make one more example for you.  

Example 2: You are are looking for a learnership in Banking or finance, you have  no qualification at all. In that case you would need to search for approved learnership providers in the finance sector.  


You can do this simply by taking advantage of online platforms like Google and Social Media. Or register your Details on the Fincance and Accounting SETA .  


Same as the last example, you would have to fill your details, be captured on the database and get updated on Fasset Seta Learnerships.  


Another related SETA is Bank SETA, almost popular among people who have enrolled on Bank learnerships. Especially big banks like Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank etc.  



So you understand now, each SETA has it’s own unique roles and responsibilities. It is very important for you to know which one works best for you and how does it fit your qualifications (if applicable), Experience, Intrests and needs.

How to Find SETA Accredited Training Providers for Learnerships?

Here are quick takeaways for you that may be useful for you if you are looking to explore more in finding learnership providers accreddited by different SETA’s.  

01. Choose a SETA that is related to the industry you like.  

02. Google for learnership providers by using related keywords around that SETA.  

03. Register your CV and personal details in Service SETA Online Application Portal for learners.  

04. Follow up on the industry updates.  

05. Search for training providers by using the SETA’S Training provider database.  

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Lastly be sure to always keep your CV updated and stay in touch with all the SETA’s you are intrested in this will help you find learnerships that are highly relavant to you. Good luck on your journey.

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