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4 Amazing Hospitality Learnerships 2023 in South Africa | By Popular Companies

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4 Amazing Hospitality Learnerships 2023 in South Africa | By Popular Companies

Hospitality Learnerships 2023 with Stipend in South Africa | By Popular Companies 

Have you been looking for Hospitality Learnerships 2023 for Matriculants in SA, Grade 10 or 12. We have all hospitality learnership providers you need here, Learnership    programmes can apply for anytime, anyday.

We have managed to find some of the most trusted companies in SA. These companies work in different fields, some of them are accredited training providers, some of them are employers. 

From learning to bake, cook, and serve customers, to working in food and drinks, hospitality covers a lot. It's about making food, entertaining guests, and giving top-notch service.

In simple words, it's about doing your best in what you do. If you love helping and giving your all, a career in Hospitality might be just right for you.

Please note that these learnership providers are taking applications on certain periods of the year. If perhaps you apply for one of these learnerships when applications are still open. You are lucky!  


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Now let us get on business..

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01. BConsulting Hospitality Learnerships (Training Provider)   

BConsulting isa SETA accredited training provider. It provides learnerships in various fields and industries. We will for now focus on the hospitality one for today. 

BConsulting offers these following hospitality learnership courses:

  • Accommodation Services Level 2
  • Food and Beverage Services level 4

For you to apply these learnerships you at least need to be having Matric, which is the disadvantage for most people especially if you only have a grade 10 qualification.

Also their hospitality learnerships are focused on specific people. Owners, Assistants, Managers in different fields within the hospitality industry. 

Does that mean you as an individual you can not apply?., well no. You can apply for their learnerships since the requirements are not that much of a big deal because they are a skills training provider. So take your chances and have a look!



02. Edge Training Hospitality Learnerships (Training Provider)   

You might have already seen some of Edge Training Ads when you were searching for a learnership online. If not, then you should know now. 

Edge Training is a SETA acreddited company that offers various types of learnerships. These learnerships come with different types of qualifications that may be helpful for you to upgrade your skills.

Hospitality Learnerships Overview:  

  • Professional Cookery
  • Accommodation Services
  • Food and Beverages Services 

Please note that this following page is meant mostly for employers. You may apply for learnerships on Training Edge by going to their website and go to the menu contact >>Students Applications. 


03. Severst Hospitality Learnership (Company)

Severst is a company that operates in fields like Safety, Catering, Security and Events Management fields. Most people know it for Security Services, competing with companies like Stallion.

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Well unfortunately Sevest covers it all. Currently there are no available Hospitality learnerships. That does not have to discourage you, because you still have a chance to browse for new vacancies and job opportunities meanwhile you wait for a chance to apply for Sevest Hospitality Learnerships. Visit their site to stay updated

04. Tsebo Hospitality Learnerships (Company)

Tsebo is similar to Sevest offering services to companies that are looking for Catering, Cleaning, Facility Management Services and so on. It has over 26 offices all over Africa employing almost 30 000 people.

Does it currently have any hospitality learnerships?, well sadly no it does not. The good thing though is that it has cleaning vacancies available in different areas. Since cleaning is almost related to hospitality you should head of to their website and go to career page, check for any available cleaning vacancies around your area.

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Finding a Hospitality Learnership in 2023 is close to being easy these days. By keeping up with the latest news in this field. Ask friends, researching online and also making sure that you put your self one step closer by applying for short hospitality courses that will help you flex your skills. Goodluck on picking the best one that suites you.





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